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About us

Dutch Design Daily is an online platform featuring every day a new topical subject from the broad field of Dutch Design such as architecture, e-culture, fashion & textile, graphic design, photography, product design and spatial design. It also shows interviews with designers and pays attention to education and heritage.

Dutch Design Daily is an initiative of Eric van Casteren, Eric Hesen, Rob Huisman, Juultje van der Put, Robert van Rixtel en Titus Yocarini.
With the enthusiastic cooperation of Jacob de Baan, Frans Bevers, Leonne Cuppen, Lilian Driessen, Andrew Fallon, Walter van Hulst, Maarten Kloos, Katja Lucas, Bas van der Paardt, Ahmet Polat, Patricia Ruisch, Zuzanna Skalska and Ingrid van der Wacht.

Editors & coordination
Robert van Rixtel
Juultje van der Put

Final editor – Sybrand Zijlstra
English translator – Julienne Peeters-Huybrechts

For and by designers
Dutch Design Daily aims to evolve into a community for and by designers. Help us in our daily search for interesting, new, Dutch and thought-provoking designs. Send a message to redactie@dutchdesigndaily.com.

Since the launch of Dutch Design Daily in the autumn of 2014, the group of Dutch and international visitors has been growing steadily. With a new topic every day, there are about 365 opportunities per year for the Dutch creative industry to develop valuable international contacts.

Financially support
Dutch Design Daily is made possible by a financial contribution from the Pictoright Fund.

Support us financially
Dutch Design Daily is a non-profit foundation. We are looking for parties who are willing to support us financially. For more information, send us a message.



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