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Lilian van Daal

Pattern Vase

By 23-04-2016

Lilian van Daal designed her Pattern Vase in 2012 during her master in Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Lilian: “The vase was created as a relational gift for the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. It is based on the judicial division of the Netherlands. The country is divided into 10 districts. I highlighted the district where the Supreme Court of the Netherlands belongs to, the district of The Hague. From the map of the district I created a pattern. Out of this pattern I designed the vase, inspired by tulip vases and cabinet sets.”

“These ceramic objects were seen as status symbol in the past. The tulip vase is a typical Dutch product. Tulip vases and cabinet sets were showpieces for the family – just like this contemporary Dutch vase.”

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