Dutch Design Daily

Centrifugal Systems

By 10-10-2017

‘In 2016 I graduated at the Department of Fashion Design of the ArtEZ University of the Arts. With my collection Centrifugal Systems I’ve won the Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2016 Award. I’ve been living in Berlin for a year now, where I’m busy creating new work’.

‘My graduation collection is a research on what gravity does to fabrics and the ways in which gravity can be manipulated. By making fabrics rotate fast around the body, you generate a centrifugal force. If you make the fabrics rotate fast enough, the centrifugal force neutralizes the force of gravity. By using motorized belts I eventually managed to make two skirts float in the air. In the rest of the collection I have tried to manipulate the draping down of the fabrics in other ways.’

‘I have now left my floating skirts aside and I’m now busy with something completely different. With the money I won, I’m working on a large installation. This will probably be finished in November. I don’t know yet exactly where and when I’m going to present the work, but if you’re interested to come and watch it, you can always email me.’