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Studio Airport

Amsterdamse Kunstraad

By 08-11-2017

“When the Amsterdamse Kunstraad (Amsterdam Art Council) approached us to create their new identity and online presence, we couldn’t wait to get started. For our studio it was a beautiful opportunity to work with such an established organization in the cultural field.”

“It was a huge challenge to migrate hundreds of articles and documents from the previous website to the new functional format. Our main goal was to give the user a clear and functional overview of all the content. For this purpose, we researched RSS reader apps and got inspired by their navigation, as can be seen in the final result.”

“The visual identity itself is based on the idea that the Amsterdamse Kunstraad stands behind all the big cultural institutions in Amsterdam. They keep themselves in the background but do provide the whole cultural field in Amsterdam with sound advice to protect the future of arts and culture in the capital of the Netherlands and to stimulate their development.”

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