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By 10-03-2021

One Week About – Student Work, Industrial Design, TU Delft

Third year Bachelor project
Claudia Sweerts, Florian Schimmel, Isabella Maljers, Tristan Lievestro

Seamlessly shaping textiles
Most clothing items require labour-intensive production methods, in which multiple pattern pieces are manually sewn together following complex curves and shapes. UNSEAM aims to reduce this requirement by creating mostly seamless clothing pieces, enabling a greater level of automation in clothing production and allowing it in turn to become more local.

For this purpose, UNSEAM developed a composite textile in which a regular fabric is locally laminated onto a shrinkable one, allowing a horizontal and vertical size reduction of up to 50%. Their coupling selectively reduces certain areas of the material while preserving others, creating the 3D shape of the garment.

In collaboration with UNSEAM, a group of students from the Advanced Prototyping minor of TU Delft worked to create an algorithm capable of generating a pattern that can accurately manipulate the shrinkage as desired. Starting with a digital design in Clo3D and using Rhino Grasshopper to find the right distribution of patches, the student team created a made-to-size top and a tool for fashion designers to play around with in the future.

Course coordinator: Sander Minnoye
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