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Arnout Visser

Arnout Visser in museum Villa Mondriaan

By 17-10-2019

From 27 September onwards the work of Arnout Visser (1962) is on display on the design platform of museum Villa Mondriaan. Visser plays with the fragile and at the same time hard character of glass in the form of organic lamps and robust poufs.

Nature is Visser’s greatest source of inspiration and this is reflected in his works. For instance, his Big Mushroom lamps look like gigantic colorful mushrooms and his Basket Stools bear the imprints of willow branches. In his Explosionspheres, Visser presses liquid glass through a metal grid thus causing small glass explosions. The small glass explosions are encased in a large ball and just like hundreds of small mirrors they reflect their surroundings.

The creation process of this glass artist is very intriguing and it is in the form of a film part of the exposition. The film shows Visser and his team shaping from a height of two storeys and using both manpower and gravity hot liquid glass into a giant Big Mushroom. For his Basketstools he pours willow baskets full of liquid glass as a result of which the baskets go up in flames and leave their imprint on the final pouf. The spectacular making process combined with the robust end result is put on display in museum Villa Mondriaan until March 1.

Exhibition ‘Arnout Visser’
Museum Villa Mondriaan
Zonnebrink 4, Winterswijk
27 September 2019 up to and including 1 March 2020

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