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Imke Panhuijzen www.imkepanhuijzen.com

Becoming one with your surroundings

By 13-04-2022

Nominee DuPho. SO Award 2022

In my work as a fashion and portrait photographer, I always try to stay close to myself. I work from a conceptual basis and I like to create my own world. Therefore, I like to be involved in the art direction part of the photo shoot. “Becoming one with your surroundings” is a recurring theme in my work.

Due to the many lockdowns, 2021 became a year in which I was confronted with my love-hate relationship with home. The place where I always felt a great sense of security became the place I wanted to leave.

Looking back on my work last year, I can see this love-hate relationship with the domestic. I recognised my feelings in the stories of the people I was allowed to photograph. This was also the case in the story of grandma Jopie, whom I portrayed for LINDA. She missed her beloved home hairdresser enormously. I wanted her to shine again like her water wave curls, in a shiny satin setting. In my personal work “Not your wallflower”, the model is absorbed in her interior. She is the wallflower I don’t want to be.