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‘Belonging’ A modern fairytale by Social label

By 19-04-2023

ONE WEEK ABOUT Milan Design Week 2023
Day 2 – Social label

Social label-initiators Petra Janssen (studio Boot) and Simone Kramer (C-mone) are designing customized work and activities through ‘design by doing’ for people who are disadvantaged in the labor market. For a meaningful design collection that represents the world of tomorrow. Different groups of creatives  work together in the Social label ateliers (re-integration, education, healthcare). Each atelier has a atelier master. Atelier craft with Brigit Vermeulen (Warenhuis Vermeulen), atelier assembly with Jos Kranen & Johannes Gille (Kranen/Gille), story with Edwin Vollebergh (studio Boot) and move with Jana Slegers & Kelly Vanneste. In the Social label Lab in Den Bosch we initiate debates and lectures. Socio economics.

In years of disparity, expansion and differences, we want to connect. For us it is about seeing each other, sharing and giving. We are proud to present Social label products and activities, visible in a moment, in a conversation. Together with people who don’t have as many opportunities in society.

Creating (working) communities where people belong and contribute meaningfully is important for everyone. You need the courage to stand on the other side, to empathize and move with them. With Social label, we cross the border, explore. We are guided by insights, feelings and conversations for a different perspective on participation. Looking for a bridge that is walkable for everyone. Barrier-free with a beginning and an end. We try to make the bridge more solid, with beauty, wonder, attention and respect for each other and for our natural environment. By working together we shape a better future where everyone can participate. Design can make this bridge. Design with meaning.

During Milan Design Week 2023, Social label can be visited in the Isola district.