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Studio Thier & van Daalen

BULLA wall lamps

By 21-12-2022

A series of wall lamps that originated from their love for the craft of glass blowing, in which a new glass object always starts with a bubble. A dynamic and fragile basic form in which there is all the potential of the desired object yet to be made.

This simplistic and strong form appeals to the designers. For this design, the studio has managed to freeze the tension of the material in the process, by fattening the convex shape on one side, leaving the overall shape untouched. Because the glass is handblown freely and not in a mould, each piece is unique, yet part of the family. When you look longer you see the difference in thickness, colour intensity, size, but especially in character! Within these differences, the challenge was to design a ‘universal’ light element, which could be placed through the small opening of the bell.

The light element developed by the studio is fexible and thus follows the inner shape like an infnite loop. Due to the subtle appearance of the light, inner refections, layering and colour are radiated through the glass on the environment, separating the wall light from the background.

Bulla is a combination in which craft and technology come together. The subtle suspension hook and light element were developed by the studio to emphasise the strong, simplistic shape of the glass. The light element runs like a loop of fexible LED light into a 3D printed holder. In particular the parts are produced local and sustainable.

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Photos: Pim Top