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By 14-09-2021

Dutch Design Awards (DDA) has been leading in the interpretation of excellent Dutch design for years. The aim of the organisation goes beyond simply rewarding the best design: DDA wants Dutch design to be part of a larger conversation.

DDA nomination Product
BYBORRE pushes the boundaries of textile development by giving makers the creative freedom to design their own textiles. With direct access to the technology and capabilities of circular knitting machines via an online editor, makers can define colours, designs, functionality and textures themselves. Customised textile creation, for all makers who want to be in control of the performance, aesthetics and impact their textiles have on the world, in industries like fashion and clothing, interior design and automotive. The user-friendly design tool BYBORRE Create™ includes a library full of responsible synthetic and natural yarns, knitting structures and production facilities. The platform gives makers access to an ecosystem of local manufacturers and material suppliers.

Expert panel
BYBORRE Create™ is an easily accessible tool for what is normally a complex production process, which makes it a real gamechanger. The tool brings specialist expertise within hand reach for textile makers, and this means the democratic revaluation of the production chain. The transparency created prevents dead stock and therefore tackles a significant problem in the textile industry. BYBORRE explores another way of designing that is interesting because the three-dimensionality offered by knitting opens-up all kinds of possibilities. BYBORRE Create™ makes clear that an intrinsic problem in textile production can be solved, while at the same time paving the way for greater innovation by making woven fabric designs more accessible across the board.

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Photos: BYBORRE, Natuzzi, Tomek-Dersu-Aaron