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Cities in Motion

By 14-06-2020

Finalist – European Design Awards 2020
Category Digital Miscellaneous

Studio Dumbar was commissioned to create a series of motion graphics for screens on railway station platforms across the Netherlands.

Studio Dumbar: “Our idea was to introduce something unexpected, to break the rhythm of the advertisements and to intrigue passers-by. We devised a simple solution: using motion graphics to portray the name of a station’s corresponding city in a fun and welcoming way.”

“It had to be a flexible, creative concept. People today have short attention spans, especially when they’re on the move – arriving, departing or transferring from one train to another. With this in mind the motion graphics had to be simple, quick and easy to ‘digest’, but also eye-catching and memorable.”

“Seeking to portray the name of each city in a playful way, we designed a variable typeface, the shape of which changes according to a self–developed script (written with Python in DrawBot). Any word entered into the script has its own vibrant, animated character. While the grid is constantly in motion, the letters perfectly adjust to its changing framework, because each letter is designed for every possible framework. In this way the letters are never distorted.”

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