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Climate Regime Map

By 09-06-2016

Design agency LUST has in collaboration with the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law of the Australian Griffith University developed an interactive map that provides insight into the complex network of parties that play a role in the new climate treaty of the United Nations and all organizations that are involved in initiatives concerning climate change.

The map serves as an instrument to improve the implementation of all agreements around climate change. In addition, the map is intended to persuade people to take a critical look at the way in which organizations and institutions operate. On the basis of comprehensive data of the parties involved, the user can generate an interactive map that suits the specific question. Depending on what you want to know, you can adopt a different starting point.

The map provides insight into issues such as the ways in which the cash movements flow between public authorities and funds, institutions and executive parties and what the money is used for. The maps provide visual and textual information and context on a particular issue. FastCompany wrote about the project: “This map is an excellent example of how good information design can bring understanding to complicated issues that affect us all.”