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Collectief Soepel

By 09-04-2020

Collectief Soepel is a collaboration of six entrepreneurs, consisting of Max, Felix, Siem, Mess, Joep and Jeroen. All of them with a different background and each of them with his own perspective. From design to elaboration and everything in between. Due to the various fields of expertise, the collective switches quickly.

At the moment, for example, we are mainly working on a project in collaboration with Studio Floris Schoonderbeek. This project involves the transformation of a camper van into a ‘’Fieldstation’’. In this project we breathe new life into a camper van that is technically good, but which had an outdated interior and a limited function. Fieldstation is a nomadic workplace and camper van in one. For example, the car can be used as a mobile design studio, a camper van or as a temporary guest house. More to see soon!

We are working on the new furniture series called Collectibels. This is a ‘collection’ of pieces of furniture made of ‘collected’ plastic. GoGo Plastics’ excellent designs respond to the demand for circular products.

Mees and Siem are also developing a new kind of fire shell. Muselet is a fire bowl with color! To experience the heat of the fire really well, the shell in which the fire burns is hanging high above the ground. This also allows you to barbecue comfortably with the Muselet from your garden chair.