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Crowjane – Protocol

By 07-07-2019

Crowjane is an indie rock band from Rotterdam. In 2018 the band released their third EP under their own management and called it Protocol: four powerful songs with a nicely pounding and raw optimistic energy.

MILC from Rotterdam designed the artwork for Protocol, including a vinyl-EP, in which ‘protocol ‘ is represented as a tight grid. Crowjane’s music tries to find a way in this grid. Based on the music and the lyrics MILC has created an illustration for each song. In a seemingly perfect (because what is perfection?) basic design with multiple circles – resembling a vinyl record – excesses, resting points and disruptions have been applied. The illustrations return in all manifestations, from Spotify to t-shirts and cassette tapes.

The vinylEP – the release of which took place at the IFFR 2019 – is a bright red 10” vinyl record with a black label. It is put in a black booklet, containing the illustrations and liner notes in red and white. On the cover a red grid partially covers the title typography and the band name is finished with SpotUV. As a finishing touch, both the disc and the booklet are put in a silk-screened transparent cover, of which four types are made: one of every song illustration.


Nominee European Design Awards 2019
category Music/Film Cover