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Crystal Twist

By 27-04-2018

For the Crystal Twist collection, Studio Floris Wubben developed a series of lamps made of acrylic stone. This material is a combination of minerals and acrylate that is normally used for the production of sleek surfaces. Floris Wubben used it to produce lamps with a raw and organic character. During the design process he discovered that the material can be torn apart when it is heated. This brings the hidden core to the surface.

Crystal Twist involves fracturing two long strands of acrylic stone and intertwining them. This is achieved with a self-constructed tool that stretches the material around a mould. Superimposing different strands generates an interplay of structure and colour.

The Crystal Twist series is composed of lamps in various formats and looks that are produced using HI-MACS acrylic stone. The collection has been developed in collaboration with Baars & Bloemhoff. Crystal Twist was being unveiled at Milan Design Week 2018.

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