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Marjan van Aubel www.caventou.com

New Current Table

By 11-11-2016

Current Table is an intelligent living object that uses colour to convert light into energy through integrated solar cells. Like plant photosynthesis, it reads light levels and harvests energy.

Its glass surface is engineered from integrated dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) that also work under diffuse light. Current Table is self-sufficient and can be used to charge your devices. It is intelligent and through an app it shows how it works best.

Marjan van Aubel: “Our climate is changing and natural resources are running out. The fact that in just one hour the sun provides enough energy to supply the world’s electricity for an entire year blew our mind. We are redefining solar technology and the way to generate electricity. Living objects generate electricity at the place you directly need it. They communicate how much energy they harvested, making you more aware of your environment and using its full potential.”

Where to see: Victoria and Albert Museum, Leighton Corridor, Room 107.

Caventou is named after the French scientist who co-discovered chlorophyll, the pigment powering photosynthesis.

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