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Arí van Twillert www.arivantwillert.com

Custom 3D printed underwear

By 16-12-2018

Every woman knows the struggles; the straps dig in, the underwire rubs, your body fat spills out in odd places, the closure itches. There has not been a significant change to the basic design of the bra since the development of the underwire in the 1930’s and the sizing system used is complicated and insufficient. No surprise that 80% of women are supposed to be wearing the wrong size bra today. 

Now a new female led fashion-tech brand claims to be revolutionizing the bra, from fit to new underwires, using 3D scan and 3D printing technologies as well as in house developed software.

Company founder, design engineer and alumni of TU Delft, Lidewij Vera Arí van Twillert, has developed specialist patent pending technology, the Curevaris, and combines this new techniques with traditional sewing skills to create a bespoke bra that fits so perfectly it’s accurate to 0.1mm.

It is from the new high tech couture fashion house of Arí van Twillert, where everything is designed and made in house, that Lidewij is now launching her first collection called THE FUNDAMENTALS.