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The Cuypershuis www.cuypershuisroermond.nl

The Cuypershuis – new museum presentation

By 03-11-2020

The Cuypershuis in Roermond has a new museum presentation about architect Pierre Cuypers. Cuypers is the most renowned architect of the Rijksmuseum, the Amsterdam Central Station and Kasteel de Haar. From his home and studios in Roermond he worked steadily on an incredible career. Today, the Cuypers House is located in this complex.

The Cuypershuis tells the story of architect and designer Pierre Cuypers (1827 – 1921). The museum is located in Cuypers’ original house and studios. In 1853 he built this complex just outside the city center of Roermond. In those days there was enough room to be able to carry out his ambitious plans. Cuypers uses the building as his business card. During his life he designs about 150 ecclesiastical buildings and receives more than 120 secular commissions. With his recognizable neo-Gothic style, he leaves his mark on 19th century architecture, thus determining a large part of the horizon of the Netherlands.

Pierre Cuypers is best known as the designer of the Rijksmuseum, the Amsterdam Central Station, Kasteel de Haar in Haarzuilens and the restoration of the Ridderzaal in The Hague.

The presentation in the Cuypershuis enables visitors to discover how Cuypers, with his personality, ambition and modern entrepreneurial spirit, is able to win and execute these big assignments. The activity in the special building is visible and palpable, making a visit to the Cuypershuis an unforgettable and inspiring experience.