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Jeroen van Veluw www.jeroenvanveluw.nl


By 09-11-2021

An Ode to the fluorescent lamp
deLux is a modern translation of one of the most widely used light sources in the world, the fluorescent lamp. The combination of a tube lamp, a very minimal fixture and the bright appealing colour gives Deux a fresh, friendly and open appearance. The minimal armature ensures that the aesthetic value of a tube lamp is very well highlighted. Simplicity, colour and an open attitude in combination with a dimmable light source makes the lamp usable in a wide range of spaces, from office to kitchen table and from restaurant to shop, just like its predecessor. ‘deLux’ an ode to the fluorescent tube.

Materials: Powdercoated steel, Frosted plastic.
Dimentions: 120/11/4 cm

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