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Design from Den Bosch – Maarten Baas

By 27-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT Design from Den Bosch by curator Petra Janssen (Social label)

We all live or work in this beautiful city. We are at work in a calm and concentrated manner. Experience the special pearls from the Dutch design community from Den Bosch, today Maarten Baas.

Whether Maarten Baas should be considered a designer, an artist or whatever else is something he questions himself by the ironic company slogan on his building. (picture 10) In this post some snapshots and videos showing a glimpse of his 5000 m2 work space in Den Bosch. This warehouse is a creative hotspot, where his team develops new work and produces his limited editions.

His works are sold worldwide by Carpenters Workshop Gallery and the objects break records at auctions. Baas’ works show the ultimate craftsmanship combined with new techniques and ground-breaking concepts. This sum­mer, since Corona made any exposure impossible, Baas organised the very exclusive ‘2020 Dinners’. Baas keeps surprising his audience by discovering new materials, techniques, styles, disciplines and themes.  

As he paradoxically says: ‘Never believe one-liners’. (picture 1)

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