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Design from Den Bosch – Social label

By 24-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT design from Den Bosch by curator Petra Janssen (Social label)

We all live or work in this beautiful city. We are at work in a calm and concentrated manner. Experience the special pearls from the Dutch design community from Den Bosch, today Social label.

Social label movement for design with meaning
With Social label initiators Petra Janssen, studio boot & Simone Kramer C-mone have built up an international design collection in collaboration with designers and people who have fewer opportunities in society. Together with 14 workshops, 100 makers and 17 designers in the Netherlands, we are making a move towards a people-oriented economy for valuable work and appreciation for everyone. We design tailor-made labor and opt for new collaborations that give the design products meaning.

The Social label Lab in Den Bosch is working on inclusion through the power of design and communication. On the one hand, we focus on making work more sustainable through the carefully built community. On the other hand, we are busy with (inter) national presentations with the publication Social label Works as a basis for visibility to the public. Buy social.

Social label Lab
Tramkade 24, Den Bosch

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