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Design Puzzles for Ikonic Toys

By 06-02-2020

The two very colorful puzzles of Studio Kars and Boom tell all kinds of little stories. Behind every puzzle piece there is something to discover, sometimes funny, sometimes educational. The puzzles have themes as ‘Day’ and ‘Night’, and when the two puzzles are placed next to each other, they show a panorama view of the graphic landscape.

The graphics of the top layer and bottom layer are different, it makes the completing of the puzzle a real challenge. Because of this, the puzzles will stay interesting to play with, and it makes the puzzles suitable for an older audience as well. Parents with young children can make the puzzle together, meanwhile telling stories using the illustrations as inspiration.

These puzzles show the sustainability where Ikonic aims for. Nowadays, when people talk about sustainability, it only concerns the materials that are used. With these puzzles, the sustainability is within the design itself. Normal wooden puzzles have a very short lifecycle; at the age of 4 most puzzles are put aside as kids are no longer interested in them. The innovative design by Kars + Boom (the different illustrations on each layer)  creates a longer lifespan of the puzzles among growing children.

The decorative and timeless design puzzles come with stands, so the objects can be put on display in your living room once finished. And with that, the lifespan becomes unlimited.

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