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Bibi Smit

Designing at the furnace

By 15-10-2017

Bibi Smit is one of the few glass artists/designers in The Netherlands who does not only design, but also blow her own glass pieces.

Her career of more than 25 years has been dedicated to researching and exploring the material hot glass, and to understand and control it. The qualities and she discovers, inherent to glass, form the basis of her designs. She also even fabricates her own tools.

Often design-decisions aren’t made on paper but in the furnace workshop, with the hot molten glass at the end of the glassblowing pipe, in the heat of the moment.

For DDW, Bibi Smit created an impressive installation consisting of a large number of white glass forms with a subtle range of different colours on the inside. The glass shapes seem to breathe, as a subtle show of light plays through the installation. It provides the visitors with an opportunity to take a moment, and to loose themselves in contemplation in an intuitive way.

Group Exhibition ‘How&Wow’
Dutch Design Week 2017
Curated by Crafts Council