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Martijn van de Griendt www.martijnvandegriendt.nl

Document Nederland: Martijn van de Griendt ON/OFF

By 14-12-2019

Are we still able to be in the OFF position, or are we constantly in the ON position? Commissioned by the Rijksmuseum Martijn van de Griendt photographed our current consumer society in which we are constantly in the standing ON position. For the annual recurring exhibition Document Nederland he mercilessly shows how the mobile phone has nearly all of us in its grip. People are constantly active, beautiful, accessible and alert, aware of the camera, their appearance and their self-image. Other people, on the contrary, are searching for places where they can be switched OFF for a short moment.

Exhibition ‘Document Nederland: Martijn van de Griendt ON/OFF’
Rijskmuseum, Amsterdam
3 October 2019 up to and including 19 January 2020