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Lola van Praag

Driving Dutch Design – Lola van Praag

By 20-08-2021

ONE WEEK ABOUT Driving Dutch Design by curators Patrick Aarts Sen (BNO) and Katja Lucas (DDF)

Driving Dutch Design is the professionalisation and networking programme of ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) that helps talented designers get started in the world of entrepreneurship. Lola van Praag is one of them.

Lola van Praag (1992, Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a Dutch textile and fashion designer based in Leiden. She followed two master’s degrees. One in textile design at the Swedish School of Textiles (Borås, Sweden) where she focused on industrial knitting and printing techniques and a second in fashion design at the University of Westminster (London, UK) with a specialization in menswear. After graduating she moved back to the Netherlands where she started her own studio.

Lola’s love for creating does not lie in producing an end product, but mainly in the process that precedes it. She likes to experiment with materials in order to discover their hidden potential. She is very curious about different craft techniques and how these methods can be applied in a contemporary way. Because of her often unorthodox methods in which manual and mechanical merge, surprising results are achieved.

She combines these technical elaborations with idiosyncratic color combinations and a preference for glitter. She brings all this together in a series of different creative excesses, from fashion collection to wall objects.

Driving Dutch Design
“As a driver I have gained more knowledge into who I am as a creator and how I can better convey my services to potential customers. It gave me insight into my shortcomings but also possible opportunities. It is nice to meet other creatives who have the same struggles, so that you can explore together what the best way is to move forward with our companies.”

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