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Driving Dutch Design – Nadine van den Berg

By 22-08-2022

ONE WEEK ABOUT Driving Dutch Design by curators Patrick Aarts Sen (BNO) and Katja Lucas (DDF)

Driving Dutch Design is the professionalisation and networking programme of ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) that helps talented designers get started in the world of entrepreneurship. Nadine van den Berg is one of them.

During the Dutch Design Week, Nadine van den Berg and Anneke Koeslag will show the story of Mina, the smart mirror that gives daily short assignments in the context of self-confidence. This inspiring talk will be given by Nadine van den Berg.

Mina is a clever mirror that you use in your own safe environment and that helps you to become convinced of your own potential and qualities. The daily short assignments of Mina stimulate the growth of self-confidence. The user becomes aware of his or her own potential and qualities and learns to stand in his/her own power better. In this innovative way Mina supports people for example in finding a (dream) job.

At this moment Mina is in the research and development phase. During our talk we would like to share with you the first findings of this project. Are you interested in attending this talk or do you want to play a role in the further development of Mina? Then send a message via @deslimmespiegel.


For more information about the participants, the programme and registration, please visit drivingdutchdesign.nl