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EKKO – ‘De Hele Zomer Zomer’

By 13-12-2017

Poppodium EKKO needed a suiting campaign for the summer period. The campaign should have the same energy as EKKO itself, with attention-grabbing copy as well as visuals.

Lennarts & de Bruijn: “We decided to dive into a ‘moving poster’ series that would not derive too much from its printed or still material. For us this was a new experiment that gave us a chance to develop our skills since we never made these kind of ‘animations’ before. We decided on recognisable summer elements, bright colours, and ambiguous copy.”

“For example: ‘Geen strand, wel heet… in EKKO’, which means: ‘No beach, but still hot… in EKKO.’ We also came up with a tag-line for every poster: ‘Thursday to Saturday… you can celebrate summer all summer long’. We tried our very best to make it look sexy, funny, a bit stupid and hot as hell.”