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Studio Marleen van Bergeijk & Studio SociaalCentraal

Expedition VitaalGezond

By 02-01-2022

One Week About The Social Design Lobby, today Studio Marleen van Bergeijk & Studio SociaalCentraal

In Expedition VitaalGezond, Máxima MC and housing corporation Trudo explore how to cooperate for the benefit of vitality and health in the neighbourhood. They asked Studio Marleen van Bergeijk & Studio SociaalCentraal to design an abrasive, speculative translation of the future cooperation. For what does a desirable future look like now that prevention is more urgent than ever, and how should it be avoided?

For the Dutch Design Week, they designed an installation, presented in the Embassy of Health, in which a future scenario could be experienced. This scenario takes place in the year 2034. Nowadays we arrange care differently, we had to. Now that we are at the peak of the ageing process, there are more elderly people in need of care than ever before; if we had done nothing, things would have gone too far. Every Dutch citizen now has health insurance, so you are guaranteed health instead of being entitled to unconditional care.

In this scenario, health is seen as a ‘duty’ of the individual, as well as a joint responsibility of society.

In this healthy neighbourhood of the future, Trudo & MMC monitor the health and vitality of residents. This is stimulated by the public space, greenery, technology and social systems that help residents to stay healthy and vital.

Every month, we measure whether the residents are on course with their health goals and account for this in the Health/Water/Light bill in accordance with the VitaalGezond district contract. This contract contains rules for living together and caring for each other in the district, supported by technology. If you score below your own agreements and targets, you run the risk of being excluded from the district. MMC’s remote expertise keeps you healthy and ensures that risks are detected and adjusted in good time. Trudo provides a connecting community that links neighbours via social systems for their health goals and requests for help.

At DDW21, the futuristic Community Health Hub could be experienced. Visitors stepped into the booth, scanned their ‘health chip’ into their wrist, and a smart screen took them through the possibilities. New to the neighbourhood? Come and get your tracking system. Through the fridge magnet and the smart toilet block, MMC keeps track of whether you are getting the right nutrients. Want to work on your physical health? The data from TRUDO links you to one of your neighbours who is in the same situation as you.

In this project, the expertise of designing for health from Studio Marleen van Bergeijk came together with the hands-on approach of Studio Sociaal Centraal to achieve a stimulating translation. There are beautiful community values in it, but also risks of technology are exposed. The visitors’ reactions were also varied: technology that helps you personally is something everyone is in favour of, but when data ends up in the hands of parties, it quickly becomes oppressive. By means of design, the discussion about the future of care in the neighbourhood and the role of technology was visualised.

In the countdown to the new year, we also count down to the start of the Social Design Scheurkalender 2022. The calendar can still be ordered via and will be sent to you. The more people tear up, the better the position of social design!