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FAKE. Die ganze Wahrheit

By 24-12-2018

Stapferhaus in Lenzburg is a unique museum without a collection of its own; it is especially renowned for its exhibitions about contemporary complex topics. The first exhibition in the new museum building is about truth and lies in a broad sense: from innocent white lies and fake products and fake profiles on the Internet to ‘alternative facts’ and fake news. An exhibition about the usefulness and the necessity of lying, but also about the negative sides of the issue.

For this exhibition the Stapferhaus has been renamed the ‘Amt für die ganze Wahrheit’. The visitor has to pass a large number of counters and experiences that the theme has many unexpected sides. The exhibition challenges visitors to engage in discussions on truth and lies in the private sphere and in the public domain.

Kossmanndejong was right from the concept stage involved in the architectural design of the new building that was designed by the Swiss office pool Architekten. Starting point was to design an exhibition center like a black box in which the most diverse multimedia exhibitions can be realized.

Exhibition ‘FAKE. Die ganze Wahrheit’
museum Stapferhaus, Lenzburg
until November 24, 2019

Photos: Thijs Wolzak