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Afriek www.afriek.com

Fashion label Afriek

By 01-09-2018

Afriek is the composer of a unique story that begins in Rwanda, Africa. It is a story about your own hand-tailored garment. The Amsterdam brand makes hand-made items in collaboration with talented tailors from Kigali.

Afriek, founded by Sivan Breemhaar and Kars Gerrits, aims to apply an African state of mind to a Western wardrobe. The brand joins design with culture and craftsmanship, and makes you aware of what you wear and where it came from.

In collaboration with talented people all over the African continent, Afriek hopes to unite bright individuals across the entire globe. And by reimagining the African continent’s cultural heritage in a way that brings together fashion and ethnic cultures, Afriek hopes to create a counter-reaction to the current preconceptions about both worlds.