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Marc de Groot


By 07-02-2019

Product designer Marc de Groot translates from nature-derived structures and perfect mathematical figures such as the hexagon, into his spatial lighting designs. The latest family members in the Fractalseries are two chic shiny brass lamps that have been gold-plated with 24 carat gold. In addition to these golden Dubai Edition copies, he shows a number of versions made of brass, a material that according to the designer ages beautifully: ‘it gracefully ages in time.’

The title Fractal refers to the name of a geometric figure that is made up of parts that are more or less uniform with the figure itself.

As an interior, urban and graphic designer De Groot brings all disciplines together in his work. He combines nature and mathematics by theorizing reality and mixes artisanal craftsmanship with modern techniques.

Because there is no drawing program that produces the same result, the designer translates his classic sketches on the computer, which creates a unique personal signature. With the results he forms paper models, an empirical process that lasts until he has found the right proportions. From the metal plate he then has the figures laser cut; from repetitive simple hexagonal forms he creates a complex constellation that he assembles as a visual mathematical puzzle and connects with a specially developed hook and slide system.

You can call the monastic work that he produces to make his designs a form of metal origami. But De Groot prefers to speak of slow design that refers to a Japanese precision. The atmospheric architectural Fractal lamps come into being slowly and thoroughly and are meant to last for a long time.

Text by Viveka van de Vliet
Thanks to Connecting the Dots