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AnoukxVera www.anoukxvera.com

Teeny Tiny Collection

By 06-12-2016

Taking a playful stand against the overproduction of clothing items, AnoukxVera presents a world of colorful on-demand production. Their iconic leggings are fabricated only when there is a need, under the watchful eye of both designers.

The world of AnoukxVera incorporates strong graphical prints, imaginary scenes and visual stories. Production of the sportswear pieces is in their home country, The Netherlands, with the fabrics being printed at Print Unlimited and assembly in the AnoukxVera atelier.

With their futuristic sportswear, AnoukxVera prove that on-demand production can be colourful and fun, silly but serious, and that radical changes in the fashion industry can start with a tiny first step.

The Teeny Tiny Collection is accompanied by a surrealistic movie that dives into a chaos of possibilities and sceneries.

Photos: Peggy Kuiper