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Roy Veldkamp www.royveldkamp.com

Galerie Kreo – Kreo In Motion

By 23-12-2022

Galerie Kreo focuses on the production and promotion of exclusive pieces in collaboration with world-renowned designers. Kreo in motion is a quarterly series of short films, re-imagining pieces from the collection through the eyes of selected motion designers. This playful collaboration invites to explore new and interesting angles. Creating a deeper connection with the work.

Roy Veldkamp
Roy Veldkamp is a visual artist and designer based in Amsterdam. His work features a fluid mix of geometric shapes, organic patterns, and perpetual motion. With these elements he merges form and texture of different fields into continuously morphing compositions.

He re-imagines Hella Jongerius — Day’ ‘Facet Bottle’ as light-diffused molding blocks slowly falling into place. The blocks create a facetted surface pattern on the object, just like Hella’s paint crosses over different textures of the ceramic vase.

The second animation focusing on Pierre Charpin’s ‘Satellite’ mirror. Forming part of Charpin’s eponymous collection of polygon mirrors, the present piece boasts a triangular reflective surface bordered by three honey-yellow frames. With his cadenced animation of floating satellites orbiting around the centrepiece, Roy enhances the playful and rhythmic dialogue between the mirror and the colourful frames.

his last animation looks at Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s ‘Signals’ collection, and specifically the ‘Signal C1’ Polychromatic ceiling light. Roy envisions Edward and Jay’s lamp as a host of attraction between geometric shapes, together creating a harmonic synergy of sounds.