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By Grind The Gap

Grind The Gap

By 29-09-2017

One Week About Graphic Matters by curator Graphic Matters

With Grind the Gap, the Arnhem-based production house ‘Plaatsmaken’, challenges designers to get their hands dirty again.

Plaatsmaken has launched a new edition of Grind the Gap. After a succesful pilot in 2016 they’ve now started with participants Amy Whittle, Jaap Kroneman, Catalogtree, Harmen Liemburg, Nick Liefhebber, Gilles de Brock, Viktor Hachmang, Barry van der Rijt and RAW Color who research how digital developments can fit in with analogue printing methods

Through master classes, formerly digital oriented designers gained insight in the analogue world of printing techniques. They’re glad to get their hands dirty again instead of looking at screens all day and created a workplan to apply these techniques. In this process they took the content as well as the technical aspects into mind. The analogue results show the opportunities, insights and wishes for the future. 

On Thursday October 12th, the Grind the Gap Symposium takes place at the festival location. Marloes Leupen talks to the participants and initiators of the project. This offers a unique look into the work process, in which Grind the Gap doesn’t provide answers, but mainly opportunities regarding the combining of digital and analog.

The symposium starts at 19:00 hrs and is freely accessible.

Text: Ailis O’Neill

Festival Graphic Matters Breda 2017
Chassé Kazerne, Parade 12, Breda
September 22 – October 22, 2017