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Vanessa van Dam

Identity Museum Oud Amelisweerd

By 31-03-2016

In 2014, the Armando Collection, which was formerly housed at the Armando Museum in Amersfoort, found a worthy home at MOA (Museum Oud Amelisweerd).
This called for the development of a new identity.

Armando (1929) is one of the major post-war artists of the Netherlands. He is held in high esteem, both nationally and internationally, as an artist, writer, film and documentary maker, and violinist.

Vanessa van Dam: “It is very special a museum is named after an artist who is still alive. This was the starting point for me to give the Armando Museum a personal signature, like sending a hand­written letter. To underline this, I developed a new typeface, in collaboration with David Bennewith, based on the principle of what happens when you write with a marker or fountain pen – the appearance of a darker spot where your pen lingers on the paper.”

“I used the letters M, O and A as a starting point for the new identity itself. Because these are symmetrical, you can mirror the halves when you transect them vertically. The two halves of the three letters form a framework – both literally and figuratively – revealing the collection.”