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Jesse Visser

Imposing monumental limited editions

By 28-04-2019

Jesse Visser presents imposing monumental limited editions: triptychs – of which the largest is 1.65 meters high and 2.30 meters wide – which resemble autonomous art pieces but turn out to be functional lighting designs.

The huge narrative works refer to triptychs with wood-painted panels from a medieval church, but are contemporary and daring statements of solid high-polished brass and stainless steel plates. Behind the shutters are reflective panels with a round circular light or, in the other version, two tube lights that shed and reflect an atmospheric light.

In his search for new production techniques and innovative materials, Visser has developed a preference for tactile materials in which the processing of the surface plays a role. As aluminum can be anodized, stainless steel and brass are made high-gloss in collaboration with specialized companies.

In addition to this intensive finishing technique, detailing in Visser’s work is at least as important. In this way, the designer developed solid twisted hinges of brass or stainless steel for this modern triptych, with which the hatches can be opened.

According to the designer, the functional lighting artwork is not finished until a user performs the required action: the opening and closing of the shutters.

In addition to these monumental works, the furniture and lighting designer shows his bright and robust lamps that were recently included in the collection of Hollands Licht: the golden chandelier and wall lamp from the King Arthurs series of laser-cut aluminum form minimalist translations of a medieval chandelier.

Text by Viveka van de Vliet
Thanks to Connecting the Dots