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In4nite II

By 02-02-2019

In4nite is a project initiated by performance material developer Low&Bonar. This second edition was presented during Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven.

Seven designers were invited to work with technical textiles Colback and Enka. Colback is widely used in the flooring industry. It is a strong, lightweight and form-retaining non-woven, which is perfect for tufting carpets.

The technique of tufting triggered Mieke Lucia to make a collection of wall carpets. The collection Tangible Tufts is a combination of industrial tufting and hand tufting. It sheds light on tufting techniques in such a way that it is both comprehensible as well as aesthetically pleasing. It is truly an ode to carpeting. By placing the tufts on the wall instead of the floor it changes our point of view on the use of textile in the interior.

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Photo’s: Barbara Medo