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Industrial customisation

By 09-02-2023

VanHoffOntwerpen embody universal values in modern products that seem to have been around for ages. Functionality, quality and the relationship between user and product give the designs their power. Industrial customisation ensures an unaffected and insightful way of manufacturing where quality, in finish and choice of materials, is paramount. The designs are made with love. Whether the design is industrially or manually produced, perfection and mastery are visible. Quality equals durability.

Tree tub
The transience of abandoned industrial sites has inspired the design of our industrial planter collection. The corten steel objects engage with recurring nature. In composition with the right greenery, the design allows for imperfect beauty. Rusty metal opposite the colourful floral splendour and wild grass, each with its own strength and quality.

Household appliances are often distantly designed and automated, making the product almost disappear into the background of the household. An on and off button is all that remains. Any kind of effort is eliminated but, according to vanhoffontwerpen, it is precisely this extra effort that gives the satisfaction later on. The concrete stove literally radiates warmth and shows its effect itself. You can relate to it, both in the experience of creating your own fire and warmth, and in its function.

The Insulation Sweater is designed to retain existing body heat as well and for as long as possible. This makes heating the environment, both inside and outside the house, of less importance. The Insulation Sweater RD 0.52 is made of 100% pure ecological virgin wool. Wool already has naturally strong insulating properties; the specifically developed knit increases its insulating value even more.

VanHoffOntwerpen will be on show during Object Rotterdam
HAKA-gebouw, Rotterdam
10 – 12 February, 2023