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Johan Rijpma www.johanrijpma.nl

Johan Rijpma

By 18-08-2018

ONE WEEK ABOUT Animation by Cinetoko

Johan Rijpma studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts. His work has received multiple awards and is internationally screened and exhibited.

Johan is a visual artist based in Utrecht (NL). In his work he engages in creative ‘collaborations’ with simple subjects from his daily surroundings in an experimental and playful way – whether it is with tape rolls, in ‘Tape Generations’, or with dinner plates, in ‘Elastic Recurrence’.

Video, animation and photography are primarily the means by which he creates and captures unusual, seemingly simple but meticulous processes. Within his systematic and analytic approach, he reflects on the relationship between his own presumed control and the unpredictability of everyday life.

His project ‘Extrapolate’ is about extrapolating the extrapolation process. A hand is divided into different segments and through a subtle rotation and perspective shift each segment of the hand moves in a slightly different direction. The last two frames of this recorded and traced movement are used to determine the direction of each segment. The small dots indicate the current and previous positions of the segments as a motion path, which is then extrapolated with a ‘straightforward’ animation technique.

Cinetoko Artist Talk #32 – www.motoko.nl/cinetoko/suitup-studio/