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Ilias Ernst

Jojo lamp

By 11-10-2022

Other than the toy with the same name, where a string controls the movement of a disc, Jojo directs the flow of one strand of light that departs from the ceiling. Jojo elevates the quality of a space by creating visual and auditory divisions. Constructed from recycled PET felt, one of Jojo’s biggest advantages is its sound absorbing properties.

It was Orbit’s led line Swirl that inspired me to think about how I could use such a led line creatively, yet not losing functionality. Because of the steel cable, you can hang Jojo on the preferable height. Because of the sound absorbing materials Jojo is a pleasure for eyes and ears alike.

Creation process
With the existing led line, I started looking for the right ratios and shapes. One of the challenges was to invisibly clamp the disk to the led line. We researched different materials and recycled PET felt came out as a lightweight, sustainable and sound-absorbing material.

Jojo a signature piece for offices and lobbies alike and at home it serves perfectly on a higher ceiling above a table. It can also be used as a lower signature.