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Lenticular Dress 2.0

By 21-07-2016

In Lenticular Dress 2.0, designer Antoine Peters investigates and stretches the technique of optical illusion in clothing. The lenticular technique forces the observer and wearer to move in order to reveal every facet.

Following the classic pleating technique of Peters’ first lenticular dress, Lenticular Dress 2.0 is created with a Japanese folding technique. By strategically coloring this textile the dress changes upon movement from black to multicolor and back again.

Antoine: “Originally I wanted the textile to be printed first and then folded, but that turned out to be impossible because textile stretches, printing on textile is never accurate to the millimeter and pleating is handicraft. Therefore, the fabric had to be colored in manually. It took several weeks and cramps in the fingers and back.”

For Peters it’s not about the art of origami but about the research, a new intermediate step towards his dream to develop lenticular textiles. A comfortable material that contains various prints which reveal through movement and thus influence its surroundings.

Nominated for the New Material Award 2016