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Studio Speciaal

Living Space

By 23-12-2020

Studio Speciaal is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Eindhoven. “As a studio we balance between the disciplines of design, technology and art. Our work is characterized by conceptual value, rich materialization and high-quality craftsmanship. We create self-initiated work and work in commission.”

Architrave Table
This dining table with its split solid oak top finds its inspiration from ancient Greek architecture. As with the old temples, the construction of the table works by means of columns and an architrave on top, connected by a brass ‘capital’. An ode to a simple yet thorough and elegant construction that is meant to last.

Heavy Chair
The Heavy Chair owes its name to its sheer weight. The unreinforced solid concrete piece stays upright because of the balanced shape and heaviness of the material. By experimenting with different granulates and pigments, many different textures and colours were achieved without compromising the structural integrity of the concrete.

Compound Cabinet
This cabinet is a collaboration between Studio Speciaal and sculptor Frits Achten. A collectible piece in which two contrasting worlds collide. A solid rock is suspended in the open wooden framework, while the opaque compartment serves as a visual counterweight. This creates a balance between thoughtfulness and intuition.

Cross Chair
This wide profiled low seater is made out of hardwood. The split in the middle and the visual balance create a relaxed looking chair with a playful yet chic appearance. We are able to produce this chair in different materials or finishes on request.

Masks/stones: Frits Achten
Photography: Lisa Klappe, Bram Verbeek