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koda amsterdam

Maan, Zon, Wolk & Klaas

By 18-10-2023

At Auping they dream of a sustainable world, a world where nothing is wasted; that’s why they give their leftover fabrics a second life. Together with koda amsterdam, Auping has developed four beautiful, soft accessories: Maan, Zon, Wolk & Klaas (Moon, Sun, Cloud and Klaas).

The collaboration between koda and Auping results in beautifully made, unique bags and pouches. These are all handmade in the Netherlands, at leather-working company ONS label in Breda.

All accessories are made from leftover fabric from Aupings mattress production in Deventer. This is all 100% polyester. That means the materials can be very well reused at the end of their useful life. So if you ever run out of Klaas, bring it back to an Auping Store and they will make sure it is recycled properly. The same goes for Moon, Sun and Cloud.

The design of Moon, Sun, Cloud & Klaas is from Marieke van Heck, Orange or Red.
You can find the accessories in the Auping Stores.

About koda amsterdam
Koda amsterdam creates unique accessories made of leftover fabric. Koda works with Dutch designers and all products are made in Dutch ateliers. These are all sheltered workshops, where people are coached to develop their talents.