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Mascha Halberstad

By 19-08-2018

ONE WEEK ABOUT Animation by Cinetoko

Mascha Halberstad has been providing craftsmanship from her studio Superfelix in Arnhem for over 20 years. She strives to animate as analogue and old school as possible, resulting in raw and lively animations.

In 2015 producer Liam Howlett, known for his musical contribution to the legendary band The Prodigy, spontaneously approached Mascha. After seeing her short animation ‘Munya in me’ on a local French television channel he was overwhelmed by its style and did not hesitate to contact her for their new music video for ‘Wild Frontier’.

It took in total two months to make the clip, with Halberstad working from her studio at home. Elmer Kaan, with whom she has collaborated in the past, made the animations. Everything is deliberately done analogously, so no computer effects were used. This is typical for Mascha, as she always aims for the purest form of animation.

Cinetoko Artist Talk #37 – www.motoko.nl/cinetoko/mascha-halberstad/