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Ruud-Jan Kokke

Monumental balustrade Eusebius Church

By 10-07-2020

Ruud-Jan Kokke designed the balustrade and the banisters to the new vaulted cellar for the Eusebius church in Arnhem. The design is derived from existing form and image themes in the church. The assignment came about after a chance meeting at architecture center Casa where the builder of the restoration Eusebius Peter Koelewijn and Kokke were both invited for a short lecture for church projects (Bizar Bazar). The design was created under the approval of the National Service for Cultural Heritage and the Municipal Department for Heritage Conservation. This fencing is the first one in a series of ornamental fences designed by Kokke for the Eusebius Chapel, the mausoleum of Karel van Gelre, several existing cellar entrances and the monumental text gates for the new side entrances of the church building.

The fencing is made of cold-rolled steel. The mill scale, which sticks on the surface like ‘snail’- residue, shows crackles due to the processing during the manufacturing process. The result is an aged appearance, befitting the centuries-old church.

A LED strip is incorporated around the balustrade and the handrail. During performances and shows with subdued light the access to the vault cellar and toilets is  therefore always illuminated.

Photos: De Beijer, Ruud-Jan Kokke