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The largest Museum of the Netherlands

By 06-09-2018

The Dutch churches contain a unique collection of art treasures. But why do Dutch people in their own country simply walk past the church doors, whereas on holidays abroad they eagerly enter every church they come across? How can we lower the threshold in the Netherlands for non-regular church-goers who are indeed interested in the rich history? Museum Catharijneconvent and Fabrique brought 13 iconic churches and synagogues together and created one large virtual museum: “Het Grootste Museum van Nederland.’’ (The largest Museum of the Netherlands.)

How can we create a relevant museum experience? This question was the central issue during the research. The interpretation was left open. Fabrique examined the churches and their potential visitors and found out that there are a lot of issues that hold back the visitors. Is the church open? Am I disturbing a Mass or a divine service? Can I talk aloud once I’m inside?

The customer journey was based on the results of the research. From the first Google search result to the online sharing of experiences after the visit. We concluded that offering day trippers church attendance is the best way to make the church more accessible. Together we created an audio tour, an (inter-) national campaign, website, information brochures, banners, signage and even the volunteers of the museum were invited to join a course.


Dutch Design Award Winner 2018 – Best client