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Museum of the Future

By 11-05-2023

Nominated for European Design Awards 2023
Category Signage & Wayfinding

The Museum of the Future is a unique venue that serves as a gateway to a future world, combining exhibitions, immersive experiences, and themed attractions. Mijksenaar was tasked with developing the wayfinding concept and design, which posed a challenge to balance cutting-edge, user-centric wayfinding design with respect for the building’s expressive architectural nature.

Mijksenaar’s ONE wayfinding principle (Orientation, Navigation, Experience) was employed, with the ‘Calm Clouds’ design concept bringing it to life. The building’s flow is arranged around digitally and kinetically staged experiences, with the wayfinding strategy aimed at capturing visitors’ attention in between these experiences. Additionally, Dubai being a highly international destination, the wayfinding system had to cater to the culturally diverse audience with a dual language approach and bespoke pictograms.

The outcome is a world-class wayfinding system that embraces the cultural surroundings through its soft and transparent manner, in contrast to the highly expressive nature of the architecture. Only there when you need it, transparent and soft in its appearance, but highly functional.

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Photography: Phillip Handforth