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Mycelium materials

By 07-03-2023

Mycelium is part of the fungi kingdom and is the branching root-like structure of mushrooms. Mycelium is an essential part of our ecosystems as it breaks down organic matter and helps forests absorb CO2 pollution.

Kineco develops biodegradable materials and products from mycelium substrate using the mycelium network to bind all particles together, allowing us to build with fungus and upcycle abundant agricultural waste.

They aim to bring sustainability and design closer together by researching the potential of mycelium materials and their potential applications. Mycelium substrate can be formed into almost any desired shape, offering many sustainable and renewable product and construction solutions. Mycelium materials have also proven to be a sustainable alternative for styrofoam used in packaging.

‘Mycelium materials’ will be on show during MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2023
Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht
8,9 & 10 March, 2023