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Arnout Visser

Octopus Vase

By 31-05-2019

Flowers will always have the perfect water level with this Octopus Vase. You’ll fill the reservoir with water, and thanks to the physical principle of vacuum the water keeps ‘hanging’ in the reservoir. The form of the vase is not chosen, rather follows form the function. Only when the flowers absorb water and the water level in the vase drops, air bubbles will rise and water flows into the vase. In addition, the water reservoir is a lens that magnifies the flowers in some angles. The vase is suited for a few flowers. It is made from laboratory glassware, which is suitable for heat and thus the vase can be easily cleaned. There are 2 sizes, medium which is 20 cm and large which is 25 cm high, for 20 and 25 euros, excluding shipping cost.

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