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Ooh de Zeê

By 27-02-2024

Ooh de Zeê is a brand with an expanding range based on the mythical heroic epic of Homer’s Odyssey, which is also claimed to have taken place partly in and around Zeeland. It is also the (Zeeland) exclamation when (weather-wise) seeing with the sea. Ooh de Zeê is entirely vegan and composed of the very best ingredients with a distinctive role for a touch of sea fennel from the Oosterschelde estuary.

Currently, the new company ZEEUWST is about to launch. In it, sustainable regional products are conceived, developed and marketed that transcend the region and involve local growers and producers extensively. This will give them access to new sales markets and also the opportunity to grow less obvious items such as certain types of sea vegetables. ZEEUWST will regularly present a new product each time in the coming months.

Swen&Vos work with love for The Roosevelt Foundation, Province of Zeeland, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zeeland (Zeeland Visual Arts Centre), (music) festivals (Morgen Festival, Anywave, Jazz Zierikzee, Muziek Monumentaal and others). Swen&Vos designs identities, brands, books, campaigns, event-styles and animations for these.